Here’s Our Line-Up of Legendary Burgers

Each one loved by many and craved by all

The pure and simple joy of a great burger is something that you truly can’t beat. Our classic burgers are dressed with our crave-worthy house-made ranch dressing, Green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, onion, dill pickles add ketchup, mustard and relish if you’d like. Let us know how we can top one of the beauties just the way you want it, and we’ll pair it with amazing french fries.

1/3 of a pound

2/3 of a pound

1 pound

1 pound

They may not seem that big, but just remember they’re pure ground beef patties and they’re super filling

The legend of the quint and the quint challenge

Chef Steve
Could have been a competitive eater


1 1/2+ lbs

The Quint has always been something of a challenge, but for a while, we actually had a competitive challenge with a leaderboard.

The challenge was around and going for about 1.5 years, with many valiant attempts to come close to Chef Steve.

Available in Single / Double / Triple

Available in Single / Double / Triple

A favourite among our loyal customers from the very beginning, there’s something special about your first bite of a sneaky cheese, hence the cult status.  A sneaky cheese is dressed with Ranch, lettuce, tomato and dill pickles with smoked tomato relish, aged cheddar cheese, sneaky cheese and caramelised onions. This explosion of awesome comes with one equally amazing side dish of your choice.

This is a play on the banquet burger mentioned above and has been a favourite burger here at Memphis fire since the beginning.  Originally offered only as a triple, we now let you decide how many patties you’d like.  The Big Chef is dressed with ranch, lettuce, tomato, fresh sliced onion, sweet pickles and spicy sport peppers paired with smoked tomato relish, aged cheddar and diced bacon.  Make this burger as big as you’d like, and it comes with one side dish of your choice.

This was the era of the real deal burger, and I know Lori and I feel like we missed something really special food culture wise being born a couple decades later.

Our last burger on the list is a throwback to our youth because I’m pretty sure we’re the last generation that remembers a Banquet Burger being written on a menu.

no one knows where the reference comes from, but it always stuck with us.  when we grew up this was always the best burger on the menu, it came with everything and was “the tip o’ the hat” to when you graduated to eating a “big burger” as a kid.  You don’t see the reference on menus anymore, including previous versions of ours.  Seeing as we’re all about nostalgia, we wanted to bring it back so that you can relive that era in your life, or pass that “tip o’ the hat” on to your kids.

Available as a Single → Quint

Think of everything you love about our legendary burgers, and then think about everything you love about our equally famous brisket sandwich, then assemble them together and you’ll be in love with the outcome!  The All-American is assembled with house-made mayo, lettuce, tomato, fresh onion and dill pickles, with ketchup, mustard, 5 oz of freshly sliced brisket, sneaky cheese and a touch of smokehouse sauce to finish.  This masterpiece is served with the satisfaction of having your barbeque and burger fix at one time.

the off-menu legends

The Misters are a group of off-menu burgers that make guest appearances from time to time at Memphis Fire Barbeque Company.  Named as an homage to one of Chef Steve’s favourite movies, the Misters will have a starring role soon, with one Mister being showcased per month.

Mr. Burgundy

Mr. Canadian

Mr. Good Morning

Mr. Famous