Hiring Policy

Memphis Fire Barbeque Company Inc. welcomes applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

In addition, it is MEMPHIS FIRE BARBEQUE COMPANY INC.’s policy to hire only Canadian citizens and international workers who are authorised to work in this country. As required by law, employees will be required to provide original documents that correspond to the requirements of both federal and provincial employment standards, such as a Social Insurance Number. All documentation requested must be filled out and returned to the office no later than the end of your third shift. If the documents are not provided within the three-day period, we have no choice, but to terminate the employee until the appropriate documents are provided.

Employees and employers are both required to complete all federal and provincial documentation. Left unaddressed MEMPHIS FIRE BARBEQUE COMPANY INC. risks being non-compliant with established and monitored employment standards. If at any time during an employee’s employment, it is discovered that any document used was invalid or not authentic, the employee must, by law, be immediately terminated.

MEMPHIS FIRE BARBEQUE COMPANY INC. is an equal opportunity employer. We will not tolerate discrimination based on race, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. Employment decisions, such as hiring, promotion, compensation, training and discipline will be made only for legitimate business reasons based upon qualifications and other nondiscriminatory factors.


Memphis Fire’s continued success depends on our people. Our restaurant can only prosper and provide opportunities for employment and growth when we continually improve ourselves, and the work we do. We recognise, however, that success is not measured by sales, guest counts, and numbers alone. Success is also measured by the depth of our personal commitment to the overall success of our team. If we are all committed to the Team, the Team will succeed. As owners and managers, we are committed to putting the best Team forward, and as employees, we expect the same level of dedication. We believe that a commitment to uncompromising values and integrity should guide our decisions and actions as we pursue our goals.
It is the responsibility of all staff to:

  • Believe that work is a commitment, not a convenience
  • Believe in honesty and trust
  • Believe in providing excellent service and dedication to your craft
  • Believe that good isn’t “good enough” – make today better than yesterday
  • Believe that training and development make you a better person
  • Believe that success depends on teamwork
  • Believe in acting like a professional is a life skill, not only in the workplace but in life
  • Believe in that being responsible to others, is being responsible to ourselves
  • Recognize that we are all here to make guests happy and for us to enjoy our time at work, but not to lose sight that we are here to work first.

Current front of house positions available for application

Current BACK of house positions available for application