House Policy – R.A.S.P.

The Popp Family’s Views on Alcohol and Profit Responsible Alcohol Service Policy or R.A.S.P. In the prelude to the opening of our restaurant, when every restaurant operator is way over budget, the need to recover that capital is paramount to success, right?  It was right then, at that crucial time of success or failure, that […]

Reservation Policy

Respecting Your Fellow Guests… From the day we opened, the guest experience has been at the soul of everything we do. As the years past and our following grew, we struggled with how to ensure that we provided an opportunity to enjoy our food that was fair to everyone who wanted to come and eat. […]

About Us – Family Values

We’re a family at heart Memphis Fire Barbeque Company was founded on strong community and family values.  Generations of the Popp family have been hard working, get it done at all cost folk.  That is something that Steve and Lori are proud to not only maintain with our generation but in our kids and staff […]

What’s with our 50’s decor?

It’s about a sense of belonging, value wise. In the 1950’s good food was everywhere, all made from scratch. As the years passed, until now, food quality overall has become mediocre and service has become disingenuous.  Back in the day, it didn’t matter where you ate, or what you ate, if you paid someone to […]