The inspiration came in 2002…

When I started Jet Set Spice Company, it was with a sense of purpose.

To be a reason for people to continue cooking at home.  To defy the trap of frozen convenience food, and realize that feeding yourself is so much more than the act of eating.  

Every time we cook at home, for yourself or the people we care about, we enrich our collective food culture, we make memories that last generations and we reclaim, even for ourselves, the right to decide what is in the food we eat.

Chef Steven Popp

the mantra


Steven was born in Kitchener, Ontario, and spent his early years in the West, Far North, and South Western Ontario before the family settled in Burlington when he was twelve. From that age his roots were firmly planted in the greater Hamilton area, growing up in Burlington and taking his formal training at Humber College of Applied Arts and Sciences. His studies, both academic and cultural have taken him to such places as New Zealand, Australia and a short apprenticeship in Numata, Japan in the Japanese Alps.
Once back in North America, Steven has focused his culinary direction on the pursuit of his trend-setting Franco-Asian style in some of the best restaurants and hotels in North America. After proving his culinary skills with renowned Chef de Cuisine Stephen Treadwell at Queen’s Landing Inn and Conference Center in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Steven took on the role of Chef Instructor.
Steven is now a full-time Chef Instructor with Liaison College of Culinary Arts at the Hamilton, Ontario Campus. For the past 3 years, Steven has been refining the skills and empowering the passion within potential Chefs with great rewards. His goal is to put to rest the notion that “those who can’t do, teach!” Teaching the Art of Cuisine and developing Jet Set Spices continues to provide what
Steven has sought throughout his life; the chance to challenge expectations, to empower his peers and to ensure that you remember the art and beauty of cooking. 

No Salt added


A 30-year industry veteran, Chef Steven has spent his life and career pursuing amazing culinary experiences both behind the line, as a customer and as a Collegiate level Culinary Instructor

We are very proud to bring the very best in Spice Blends, Marinades, and Dry Rubs to market for you to use and enjoy. We are blessed with the perfect test kitchen and a very receptive audience here at HQ, Memphis Fire Barbeque Company.  Named of course, after our first spice blend Memphis Fire Dry Rub. We want to inspire you to cook more, with real ingredients, and find new favourites that include our brand of unique products. If we can inspire you to enjoy cooking more, than we can preserve what it means to share the love of food.

It’s all about the passion of cooking, to get your hands and your mind working together, putting forth the effort to show how much you love people by nourishing them.

We keep it honest and pure and feel that you can taste the difference that commitment makes when you enjoy our products.